Bright fun sign language games for kids.
To make our games truly language-universal, each App has a built in Editor so you can record and replace videos that are not in your local sign language or variation.


Do you teach deaf or hard of hearing children?
Whether using pictures or spelling words, Shine4Sign makes it easy to create matching games to teach kids any sign language.


Kids4Sign's growing suite of games are designed to be simple and fun.
Although sample sign videos in either Auslan or ASL are provided to get you started, if you know the signs in your local language you can record yourself signing in-app. The video editor is easy and fast to use.
If you are a parent, how delightful it will be for your child to play with YOU on the screen signing away!


Shine4Sign is designed for teachers to quickly and easily make lessons to teach kids their local sign language. Several template lessons are ready to download in-app to get you started.... And they're free!

Although the sample sign videos in these templates are in Auslan, they are ready to be edited with your own sign videos.

If students need to download your lessons on their own devices, you can create an Author account which allows you to upload your games to the cloud ready to be downloaded onto student's devices.



Creating lessons in Shine4Sign is quick and easy. This video shows how to create a new lesson with word buttons.